What is special about non-full-time labor?

Non-full-time labor refers to a form of labor for which the remuneration is generally calculated on hourly basis, the average working hours of a worker per day shall not be more than four hours and the cumulative working hours per week for the same employer shall not be more than 24 hours.
(1)The form of non-full-time labor insists in employers, but not the individuals. The employer and the non-full-time labor establish labor relationship, which is adjusted by the labor law and the labor contract law.
(2)The pay commissions of non-full-time labor is flexible, generally calculated on hourly basis.
(3)Both parties that use non-full-time labor may sign an oral agreement.
(4)Any worker that conducts non-full-time labor may conclude a labor contract with one employer or more, but no labor contract concluded later may influence the performance of the labor contract concluded previously.
(5)No probation period may be stipulated for non-full-time labor by both parties.
(6)Either of the parties that use non-full-time labor may notify the other party to terminate the labor at any time. When terminating any non-full-time labor, the employer will pay no economic compensation to the worker.
(7)The standards for the remuneration for non-full-time labor on hourly basis shall be no less than the minimum salary rates hourly as prescribed by the people’s government of the region where the employer is situated.
(8)The labor dispaching unit shall not recruit the dispatched laborer in form of non-full-time labor.


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