The establishment of foreign-funded catering enterprises

By labourxi • September 4th, 2010

The establishment of foreign-funded catering enterprises 

Allow foreign investors to set up catering enterprises in JV, cooperation or wholly-owned form.

I.  Investor’s qualification

  1. foreign investors
    Foreign enterprises and other economic organizations or individuals
  2. Chinese investors
    Chinese enterprises or other economic organizations

II.The examination and approval procedures

  1. Investors shall submit application to Commerce Committee of district where the enterprise intends to be registered if the investment amount is less than 10 million USD. The Commerce Committee of district will in charge of issued approval to qualified applicant.
  2. To those whose investment will be more than 10 million USD (contain 10 million), the Commerce Committee of city will in charge of issued approval to qualified applicant.
  3. The investors approved shall perform registration at administration of industry and commerce within one month from the date of approval issued.

III. Filing documents

  1. Application letter.
  2. Feasibility study report.
  3. Notarized identification documents of investor and bank reference letter, the legal representative’s identity document (copy).
  4. Evaluation report issued by state-owned assets administration department if China joint ventures party will invest with state-owned assets.
  5. Articles of association or contract signed by the legal representative of the investment parties.
  6. List of board and appointment letters.
  7. Authorization letter of company name.
  8. Property certificates and leasing agreement of registration and management place.
  9. Other relevant documents.

The above-mentioned documents except for indicated copies shall be provided original, a legal representative attorney shall be provided if the documents were not signed by the legal representative.

IV. Principles of examination and approval

Chain operation and franchise investors (in direct ways) shall submit application to Commerce Committee of city.

V. The legal basis

The PRC sino-foreign equity joint venture enterprise depression (2001) correction on March 15,

The PRC sino-foreign cooperative joint ventures (2000), oct. 31 fixed

The PRC wholly foreign-owned enterprise law (2000), oct. 31 fixed

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