due diligence

Before we commence on a merger project we will give our client a list of due diligence services, we are sure it’s a must to protect interest of both sides. The main contents in the list of the target company are as following.

Brief information

  • Investors background before the establishment.
  • Company history
  • Alteration of assets and shares
  • Developments and main changes of each stage
  • Situation analysis of business development, production, profitability, sales volume, product structure
  • Situation analysis of investment, including investment amount, the proportion of investment, investment, investment income, etc, and is mainly introduces units
  • Company staff analysis by age, education level, position and technical titles and more
  • Resumes of directors, supervisors and senior managerial personnel
  • Dividend distribution policy
  • Stock ownership plan of the senior management personnel and employee

Organization structure

  • Team and structure of management
  • Article of association
  • Members of the board of directors
  • Structure and brief information of company shareholder, main business, registered capital, assets, profitability, business scope or the legal representative and etc

Provider and sourcing

  • Raw materials, usages and proportion in process of production
  • Information of suppliers of raw materials above, related contracts and main contents
  • Information of cooperative partners including their qualifications, prices of product and more
  • Settlement way with suppliers

Products and services

  • Description of main business
  • Background information of industrial of the main business
  • Prospect of the business
  • Patented product, trade mark and related protection methods

Sales and market

  • Situations of market of domestic and overseas
  • Major customers
  • Main measures to expand sales and marketing tools
  • Expenses of advertising
  • Brief information of sales personnel including the number, structure, education, work experience, division, etc

Research and development
Assets and facilities
Financial Affairs
Debt issues
Industry study report

For further information, please contact us.

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