debt collection

Debt collection missions are to be offered by our paterner–CLN Law Group.

Debt collection team of the CLN Law Group is composed of our well-experienced litigation and dispute settlement lawyers. Good debt collection requires experienced, fully trained professionals and efficient resources. We provide creative and innovative debt solutions that reflect long years of dispute settlement experience and insight into the specialized society circumstance in China and worldwide. Our debt collection practice is especially careful-designed according to Chinese regulations, tailored to fit the needs of each particular situation.

CLN debt collection practices are peaceful legal solutions, which even do not make any hurt for commercial relationship between client and debtor. Our practice is especial suitable for week-document-supported cases, in such case, pre-litigate collection is much more effective than litigation. In addition, pre-litigate collection and investigation of our lawyers will doubtlessly collect more evidence when finally litigation is inevitable.

CLN non-litigate legal collection

CLN debt collection team makes careful plan, conduct detailed investigation, use every available pre-litigation legal action in our debt collection practice. We take legal, courteous and reasonable actions to secure payment for the client through due diligences, lawyer’s letters, phone calls, knocking doors, personal visits, seize properties, freeze bank accounts, garnish wages and enforce judgments, until the debt be recovered. We only accept a case where exists reasonable ground for the debtor is legally liable for refund.

CLN professional debt collection associates

If CLN lawyers fail to recover payment, professional collectors from our local Debt Collection Associates will take over the case to continue collecting, in accordance with local laws and regulations wherever the debtor is. Our professional debt collection associates will conduct personal visit to the debtor and carry out negotiation in an ethical and diplomatic approach.

Black sheep report

More over, a black sheep report to CLN members is available to warn our members to be careful when doing business with the debtors if we prove that the debtor is intentionally owes the debt and never repay.

Zero recover, Zero cost

Our service fee charges only on successfully collected amounts. Our debt collection practice is completely on contingent base. The compensation is a flat fee of 25% (for domestic case) or 35% (for oversea case) of the amount recovered, due upon the client’s receipt of the debtor’s payment. There is no charge when no amount is collected, any out-of-pocket expenses accrued would be borne by us.

Free legal report

We will duly report Client our collecting status on the proceeding. We provide full investigative details with closing reports on unsuccessful collections. If we can not recover the debt within 3 month or at any time the litigation turns out to be a must, we will issue the client a updated legal and cost report based on our previous investigations, let the client determine legal action on its own consideration. The legal analysis is totally free of charge. If the client decides to take legal action, a renewed legal service agreement would be re-negotiated, on the contrary our debt collection service will be terminated and the case will be closed.

Other legal disputes

Besides general loan/borrow cases, every kind of civil/corporate dispute can be settled by peaceful debt collection before time/fund-consuming legal action, and you even don’t need worry about any hurt of your relationship with the debtor. Our receivables settlement is ZERO RECOVER, ZERO FEE, ZERO HURT, ZERO RISK.

To get further information, please contact us.

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