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By labourxi • September 13th, 2010

Notification for Applying Employment Permit and working Residence Permit

I. Checklist

  1. Photocopy of Business License (3 copies with company seal on)
  2. Photocopy of Organizational Code (2 copies with company seal on)
  3. Photocopy of Approval (foreign company applicable)(2 copies with company seal on)
  4. Passport and present visa copy (1 copy)
  5. Photos (two inches colorful 8 copies)
  6. Original physical check report (Original and one photocopy)
  7. Resume (including working experience and education experience. 2 copies,if it written in Chinese, should be chopped with company seal on every page)
  8. Attention! In your resume, there must be something to prove that you have been in your current occupation or industry and for more than two years.
  9. Copy of diploma (You are supposed to have university degree and better majored in the something related to your present job)
  10. Copy of expert/professional/skilled certificates which can prove you are specialized or skilled in the area you are now working (If Applicable)
  11. Copy of labor contract (can be provided later) (copies with company seal on every page)
  12. Reference letter provided by one of your previous company (The company is supposed to be in the same industry, your post with this company is supposed to be similar with the present one,and better worked there for more than two years )
  13. Original of Temporary Residence Certificate for Foreigners (can be provided later) (Please contact the local Residence Committee and Police Station)
  14. Information: Business operation address, postal code, telephone number and fax number and one employee who is available for answering background check phone calls from Chinese government and who will respond well.

 II. Procedures

  1. Take the physical check. If the applicant is in Shanghai right now, we advice do health check and get the check report before he/she goes out of China to apply Z visa, because if not, the Chinese embassy/consulate will ask he/she to do a physical check to get the Z visa, and after entering China again, Chinese government does not recognize the check report, so he/she should do the physical check in Shanghai again.
    Time: 1-2 weeks
    Fee: RMB 702
  2. Go to Labor Bureau for Employment License.
    Time: 3 working days
    Government fee: RMB 200
  3. Go through formalities with Shanghai Commercial Committee or Foreign Affairs Office of Pudong New Area for the Z Visa Notification Form of the Applicant.
    Note: As Rep office is the representative of foreign enterprise, it is not legal entity and is not entitled to apply Visa Notification Form for foreigners. The only choice is to entrust another agency/legal company to do that for you. You can call Commercial Committee 021-62752200 # 265 for more details.
    Time: About three working days
    Government fee: RMB 80
  4. Go to Chinese Embassy or Consulate in his/her own country or in other country or place (HK or Macau) to apply 30-day Z visa.
    Time: 1-3 working days
    Government fee: Please check with the local Embassy/Consulate
  5. After entering China with 30-day Z visa, go to Labor Bureau for Employment Permit.
    Time: 3 working days
    Government fee: RMB 200
  6. Go through formalities for the residence permit at Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.
    Time: 1 week
    Government fee:RMB 400 + (Subject to the country the applicant is from)

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