Seven Measures to aid Exit-Entry Convenience for Foreign High-Level Talents and Investors in Shanghai

By labourxi • November 24th, 2010

They are as following.

  1. The foreigners who have been awarded “Honorary Citizen of Shanghai”, “Magnolia Award” or “Award of Magnolia Honors” can apply for 5-year residence permit.
  2. The province (municipality)-level foreign high-level talents, special talents and celebrities can apply for 3-5-year residence permit.
  3. The foreign academic and scientific research leaders and researchers and teachers having vice-senior title or above who are employed by state-level or province (ministry)-level research institutions and key colleges and universities can apply for 3-5-year residence permit.
  4. The foreign legal representatives, man-aging directors, vice managing directors and chief financial officers of new and high-tech enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises in the encouraged category .foreign-invested advanced technology enterprises or foreign-invested product exporting enterprises can apply for 3-5-year residence permit.
  5. The foreign legal representatives and high-level managerial talents and researchers of Shanghai regional headquarters, research and development centers and investment companies of transnational corporations can apply for 3-5-year residence permit.
  6. The foreign legal representatives, managing directors, vice managing directors, chief financial officers and high-level managerial personnel of enterprises with the registered capital of more than USD 3 million and the foreign legal representatives, managing directors and vice managing directors of privately-invested enterprises can apply for 3-5-year residence permit.
  7. The foreign high-level talents in such six categories, if needing not work or reside in Shanghai for a long time but meeting the local criteria of Visa F (visit), can apply for 2-5-year multiple-entry Visa F.

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