How can you save your LinkedIn?

How can you save your LinkedIn?

This article was written for those who haven’t gotten what they had expected from LinkedIn, so maybe it’s not written for you, if yes, please just ignore it to save your time.

I guess the main purposes that people register and use LinkedIn are as following.
1. Business development.
2. Marketing and advertising.
3. Information gathering.
4. Others.

To the most of the users, the first one maybe the key one. Then 3 years passed when you had more than at least 500 contacts in this website, however, not a single one business opportunity came from them, you need to face the fact, your LinkedIn is ill, there is something that must be done to change this, otherwise it’ll be a hole to lose your time.

The illness comes from the reasons below probably.
1. It didn’t match very well, such as industrials, markets and so on.
2. Lack of understanding, such as the background of each other’s company.
3. Lack of trust.

I think the last one is the key.

Trust is important than anything else between people, especially those who come from different counties and cultures, if they want to do something together. You can’t say that you are successful in China if few people here trust you.

If you come to China as a foreigner, but only want to do business with the compatriots, I have to say, your target market and profit will be very limited compared with the local market.

How to build trust among the different cultures and hobbits? I think the main points are as following.
1. Be sincere, be real.
2. Relax.
3. Appropriate ways.
4. Right contents.
5. Good media.

Of course there should be more, let’s discuss how to make it in China. As a business service provider to foreign entrepreneurs in the past 12 years, I’d like to share my points of views and the way of thinking as a normal Chinese people, that could be helpful to you to understand the local society.

1. Be sincere, be real.
You won’t be always showing one side and hiding other sides. For example, you can’t just talk about the advantages of your product or service, but ignore the disadvantages or the limits. Everybody know that you can’t make the shoes that fit everybody’s feet. Hiding makes you looks timid and tricky, of course, a little bit foolish.
If you can talk about some difficulties that you are facing, or happened to you, people will pay more attention, because this more real. Or you can just ask for help, tell clearly what solutions you have tried but failed, trust me, we’re all ready to help.

2. Relax yourself.
Sometimes you don’t need to be that solemn, you can use some skills, speak in an easy and humorous way, and then people will listen to you and spend time to understand you.

3. Appropriate ways.
You may give 10% trust at most to the contents in a letter or article, the condition is that everything in the letter is perfect and professional. I usually delete 99.9% unsolicited emails.
If you got a phone call, if it sounds good and professional, you probably will give 30% trust, no more.
If you watched a video, it may rise to 50% or even more. The reason why the confidence levels are different depends on how much information we get. More information or details help us to make judgments, that’s it. So the best way of communication to get trust is a video, besides meeting face to face.
It’s far more difficult than you think to lie and hide while showing your face.

4. Right contents. (In a video)
Firstly of all, you should know what kind of contents are now allowed, such as religion, politics and so on, that’s important.
1) Self-introduction. Such as your name, job, internationality, habit, specialty, in which city are you living and so on.
2) What you can offer? What can you do with your specialty to help others?
3) What do you need? For example, if you are running a company in China, what’s your biggest challenge? Marketing strategy? Suppliers?
4) What’s your dream or ultimate aim? The answer of this question will help people to know in deeper level.
5) About your experience in China. You can tell a story that happened in China that influenced you greatly. I think the answer of this question should be attractive to most of Chinese people.

If you prepare seriously the answers of the questions above, and express in good style, you will get enough attention and trust.
We call this kind of video a name, an I-SEE-U video.

5. Good media.
There are various media in China, the most popular one is so-called New Media. The new media actually includes microblog, mobile APP, digital TV, SNS websites and so on. The features are as following.
1) Usually there is a mobile APP.
2) The contents are short, the videos inside are less than 3 minutes.
3) Combined with social behavior.
4) Focus on the verticalization of the target market.
5) Massive amount of traffic may happen any time.

Because Chinese people don’t have complete time now, the fragmentation of time changed everything, reading, learning, watching and more. The mobile is becoming the center of life. I guess it happened in many counties. Then how to choose the right media? The traditional process is as following.
1) Describe your audiences, find where they go for contents. Get a list.
2) Annalise the rules of the media in the list, produce and publish the contents.
3) Interacts with audiences.
4) Observation and optimization.

I have to say that it’s not easy, even to a professional team in China. But there is a chance. We started a project to help foreign people who are living in China to make study. If you can make a qualified I-SEE-U video, we will help to publish it in the most popular new media in China.

ISEEUTV--save your linkedin--new media in China

ISEEUTV–save your linkedin–new media in China

It’s free.
Check out more details of the project by searching the WeChat official account name “ISEEUTV”. You may make the video and use it in your page to save your LinkedIn.


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