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People used to hear about the American dream, but now it seems to be the Chinese dream, and more and more people from different countries come to China to discover their dreams, for only one reason, it is full of all kinds of opportunities, here, as long as you work hard, you will be able to become the person you want to be.Unlike Africa, Vietnam and other places, China’s political, legal and industrial resources, infrastructure and other aspects have been quite mature. Come here to panning for gold is an excellent choice!

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JPKNOWHOW has been providing business services to foreign investors since 2009, and we have accumulated enough experience, knowledge and resources over the past 10 years.We believe that our knowledge and experience can provide significant value to those who are willing to come to China, including those who have already started their own businesses in China, so that they can avoid detours and reduce risks and costs in the process of starting their own businesses.

You can download freely, you’re welcome to contact me for more details of this book.


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  1. Herschtal

    Excellent book, with a very exhaustive approach of this complex topic !
    I will recommend it to my friends and clients.
    Many thanks,


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