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Actually company register is much more simple than you think in Shanghai because of high quality of services from all the government departments and experienced consultants team. What you need is just a good beginning– find right people who can ask your right questions below.

  • Your background as investor.
  • What do you want?

Yes, totally two questions. From the answer of the first one, we can know what you can do and can’t do in China because China government has some regulations against investors’ biz background. For example, you can’t apply for an ad license without a letter issued by local ad association in your country. With the answer of the second one, we can know:

  • What kind of company will be better for your biz including trading, consulting or else such as a rep. office.
  • How much you need to pay for your registered capital.
  • What kind of license or certificate you need to engage your biz.
  • Timing and expenses.

Decided to have a wfoe?

  • check the the catalogue to know what you can do and can’t do.
  • visit here to know how you can set up a normal trading wfoe with import-export lisence and VAT.

Decided to have a rep. office?

  • check here to get checklist of required  documents for a rep. office.

Other articales for your refer:

To get further information, please read our blog.

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    Here you can find latest list of ready-made companies in Shanghai that we can provide. Trading, consulting, manufactory, restaurant, shop and more. Enter

  • Notifications

    Here you can find notifications to tell brief procedure, time, and expenses to set up wfoes and apply for all kind of certificates, licenses, approvals and more. Enter

  • map of shanghai

    Use the map in this page to locate your business in Shanghai area. Enter

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