Catalogue of Industries to Encourage Foreign Investment (2019 Edition)

Catalogue of industries to encourage foreign investment
Catalogue of industries to encourage foreign investment

Major additions or modifications to the 2019 edition of the catalog include:

We will encourage foreign investment in the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

In the electronic information industry, 5G core components, etchers for integrated circuits, chip packaging equipment, cloud computing equipment and other items have been added.

In the equipment manufacturing industry, we added or modified items such as key components for industrial robots, new energy vehicles and smart cars.

In the modern pharmaceutical industry, new items such as key raw materials for cell therapy drugs and products for large-scale cell culture have been added.

In the new material industry, new or modified aerospace materials, monocrystalline silicon, large silicon chips and other items.

We will encourage foreign investment in producer services

In the field of business services, add or modify engineering consulting, accounting, taxation, inspection, testing and certification services.

In the field of trade circulation, new or modified cold chain logistics, e-commerce, special railway lines and other items.

In the field of technical services, items such as artificial intelligence, clean production, carbon capture and circular economy were added.

The catalogue of the central and western regions further increased the number of labor-intensive, advanced and applicable technology industries and supporting facilities, and increased support to the central and western regions for the transfer of foreign-funded industries:

In yunnan, Inner Mongolia, hunan and other provinces with characteristics of agricultural resources, labor advantages, the addition or modification of agricultural products processing, textile clothing, furniture manufacturing and other items.

In anhui, sichuan, shaanxi and other electronic industry clusters to speed up the development of provinces new general integrated circuits, tablets, communication terminals and other items.

In henan, hunan and other provinces with dense transportation and logistics network, logistics storage facilities and automobile filling stations were added.

In charge of the national development and reform commission, said that the catalogue of encouraged foreign investment industrial (2019 edition) “in keep encouraging foreign investment policy continuity, stability, on the basis of further expanding the scope of the encouraged foreign investment, promoting foreign investment in modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, new and high technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, modern service industry in areas such as investment, promoting foreign investment to optimize the regional layout, better play to foreign investment in China’s industrial development, technological progress, structural optimization of the positive role.

Catalogue of industries to encourage foreign investment (2019 edition) is an important policy to promote foreign investment in China.Foreign investment projects that belong to the catalogue of industries to encourage foreign investment (2019 edition) may enjoy preferential treatment in taxation, land, etc. in accordance with laws, administrative regulations or provisions of the State Council.


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