aid fund

“The Aid Fund” refers to the fund used to support SMEs to explore the oversea markets, which is established by the state budget.

The Aid Fund consists of two types:  Independent SMEs project and group project to be organized by any institutions and social organization units.

An independent applicant should meet the demands below.

  1. With a company registerred in China and obtained import and export qualificaiton or registration of international trading, the volume of import and export of previous year is less than  $ 45,000,000 according to customs statistics ;
  2. No records of serious violation of laws and regulations in trade business management, financial management, tax management, foreign exchange management in last 3 year.
  3. The company should have professional team and clear plan of oversea market development.
  4. No default to the fund.

A group applicant should meet the demands below.

  1. With qualificaiton to organize enterprises to join exhibitions overseas or hold any trading realted exhibitions.
  2. Withe qualificaiton to organize any training against SMEs.
  3. The aim of the project is to support SMEs’ overseas development and help to impove related abilities.
  4. No default to the fund.

Contents of Aid are as following.

The main points are: overseas exhibitions; enterprise management system certification; all kinds of product certification; patent application overseas; martketing voerseas; e-commerce; overseas advertising and trademark registration; international market investigation; overseas tendering and bidding; corporate Training; overseas technology or brand acquisition.

The activities to be supported prior are as following.

1、The developments to be carried on in the areas of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, East Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other developing countires.

2、The applicants obtained QMSC, Environmental management system certification, product certification and other internatioanl certifications.

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