JPKNOWHOW was founded on 2005, in the first days we mainly provided formation services to local clients. Accompanied by the improvement of FDI environment, we shifted our focus to foreign investors and finally made it our core abilities and missions.

To help our customers, we created ISEEUTV project. 

ISEEU is the abbreviation of “I SEE YOU”, which is a culture communication project for China and the world. It helps not only the foreign people to have better communication with Chinese society, but also Chinese to know more about the outside world, especially what we are in the other people’s eyes.

ISEEU project includes the “ISEEUTV” wechat account, “iseeu.tv” website (coming soon), blog and many popular media platforms that we use to release our videos. The 3rd-part media platforms in China cover more than 7 hundred million people. 

The videos are mainly to be made by actors themselves who are willing to share their thoughts.

As a foreigner in China, you can use the video to show how you begin to fit the new circumstances in China, if you are not in China, you can share any information with us. The project is a huge bridge.

One of the reason why we will start this project is that we have seen too many failures of the foreign entrepreneurs in China, JPKNOWHOW business consulting and his partners helped more than 3 hundred foreigners to set up the companies in China in the past 10 years, but less than 5% of them survived in 3 years after the registration. The most important reason is the bad communication with the local society. Sometimes they didn’t try, sometimes they tried the wrong ways; or they tried the right ways, but didn’t learn and change fast enough.

According to our experiences and study, we created this project with certain rules, which will greatly help to improve the communication between you and me.

You can see our videos here.